Yarn dyeing

macchine per tintura filo

Ugolini is specialized in the production of dyeing machines for cone yarns and all types of textile fibres, both natural and artificial and synthetic. Our company offers a wide range of solutions, ranging from laboratory to customer service to large-scale production. All customizable to customer specifications (taylor made).
Our machines are extremely versatile and can be easily adapted for dyeing different types of fibres, such as staples, tops and tows, by simply replacing the material holders.
Our efforts today are directed to the application of innovative solutions to obtain the reduction of energy consumption, as well as the optimization of the treatment cycles.

macchine da laboratorio per tintura tessuti


Original spare parts, best performance and durability

Thanks to the Ugolini assistance plan, you can get a discount on spare parts for the worn parts of your laboratory machines and always guarantee the best results and performance.