The model COLOR DYE basically is the union of 3 machines:

  • Solutions preparator unit;
  • Automatic dosing system;
  • Dyeing machine model Minisimplex to samples dye.

The main reason we wanted to develop this system is to simulate in a laboratory dyeing of what happens in production, in order to reproduce the same conditions.

The main advantages of this system are as follows:

  • Dosing speed, by 2 syringes working simultaneously;
  • Precision;
  • Space limited;
  • Reproducibility of the production;
  • Eliminate most manual operations, reducing the possibility of mistakes.

Composition of archive of mother solutions. Direct composition and dosing of a recipe, without consulting archives.

Suitable models from 80 to 160 solutions. Composition of recipes to be stored in recipe archives, according to:

Name of the customer, material, name/code of the recipes.

Quick recall of recipes and confirmation of dosing, with all dosing operations visualized in the screen.

Step by step sequence followed and displayed on the PC screen.

Dyeing machine model MINISIMPLEX, sets of 4 kiers each (max 24).

Each kier is complete of reversible circulation pump, dosing tank where the products are sent to the dye kier. Dye capacity from 20 to 130 grs.