Autosimplex Dos Dye Dry

Dosage Mod - Drying tincture

Autosimplex 20/200gr

The model Autosimplex basically is the union of 4 machines:
1) Automatic Solutions preparation unit
2) Automatic dispensing system
3) Automatic dyeing units
4) Automatic drying of the samples

The main reason we wanted to develop this system is to simulate in a laboratory what happens in production, in order to reproduce the same conditions. Advantages of Auto Simplex:
– Dispensing speed and precision using fast volumetric syringe and litre counter to add final water
– Compact: 4 machines in 1
– Reproducibility maximization of the dyeing from lab to bulk
– Automation: no human mistakes, low labour cost, the machine can work on night shifts without super- vision
– Smart: all machine’s functionalities can be remote controlled
– Right First Time, Sustainability: with high lab to bulk no need for corrections after dyeing and re-dyeing in bulk machines. Increase the whole pro- ductivity: save time, water, chemicals, energy and raw materials
– Industry 4.0

Solution Preparation units:
– Automatic solution preparation with gravimetric system: take powders from the silos, add water, mix. All solutions can be prepared automatically and scheduled on night shift.
– Automatic diluted solution preparation with volu- metric system, starting from concentrated solutions with precision 0.01ml
– Automatic preparation of exhausted or empty solution bottles: no wastes of time and labour
– Automatic washing of the bottles: no need to ex- pose personnel to chemicals

Automatic Dispensing system
– Solution positions with customizable stirring (speed and times): from 84 to 324 bottles for chemi- cals and dyestufs
– Accurate volumetric dispensing system: precision of 0.003 ml, automatic washing and drying with air of pipette.
– Dispense where you need: directly in dyeing unit or in our infrared dyeing machine’s beakers
– Integration with most common Colour Matching Systems

Automatic Dyeing and Drying Units:
– Modules of 6 kiers: from 6 (4 rows) for 200 gr maxi- mum or 8 kiers (3 rows) for 100 gr maximum .
– Each kier is independent assuring independent processes
– Automatic dispensing of dye stuf and chemicals Automatic opening and closing of lids
– Automatic loading and unloading of carriers: no need to wait for a dye batch to finish: all can be scheduled, even at night
– Reversible circulation pump same conditions as in production machines
– All parts in contact with dye liquor are in AISI 316L Stainless Steel
– Automatic drying module integrated in the machine so that the sample comes out completely dry.

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