Beam Dyeing

Dyeing machine for large productions on beam at high temperature

Beam Dyeing 40/600Kg

Typical beam diameters of 530, 730, 900,
1000, 1250, 1400 mm.
Typical Fabric Width: 1600; 1800; 2000;
2200; 3200mm;
Suitable for woven and knitted fabrics of all fibers and mixed fibers, for very wide-width, sensitive, open-knit and easily deformed fabrics, but also for technical, stretch and high-density fabrics.
Liquor ratio minimum 1:5, typical 1:8.
Simple and/or coupled beam of diferent di- ameters.
The machine works with air pad , with auto- matic pressure control and with analogue level and liquor ratio control.
Equipped with liquor reversal device, the machine can meet not only the need of single stream dyeing but also the need of bi- directional stream, achieving optimal dyeing efect.
Lid interlock cylinder with minimum level, minimum pressure and safety temperature. Automatic lid opening with pneumatic piston.
Indirect steam heating.
Automatic diferential pressure control. Automatic adjustment of the pump flow rate.
Product tank heated and with mixer with dosing curves.
Bath preparation vessel of the same capacity as the autoclave with mixer and heated Sampler.
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