Mini Dryer

Laboratory dryers

Mini Dryer

Laboratory dryers or small production dryers.
Model MINI DRYER 350 or 700 mm to dry samples in packages or skeins, tops and fabric.
MINI DRYER SPECIAL model for small lots and fast customer service.

External structure in stainless steel with satin finish and internal insulation.
Drying chamber having nr. 2 stainless steel perforated plates to put the samples (MINI DRYER 350/700 model).
In the model for small production mini dryers special 6 spindles are placed on a surface for a total from 6 to 36 cones max 230 mm di- ameter, or from 8 to 48 cones max Ø 190 mm, or for drying max 15 kg of yarn in hanks. Heating with long life resistors, or steam on request (only on MINI DRYER SPECIAL).
Doors in PYREX tempered glass (MINI DRYER 350/700 model) and in AISI 316L steel (MINI DRYER SPECIAL model).
Forced hot air circulation on minidryer (350/700).
High flow/prevalence turbine force the hot air circulation on MINIDRYER SPECIAL.
In the heat exchanger is placed the tempera- ture sensor.
Electrical panel composed of: Main switch, all safety elements, controller to adjust the temperature from 20 to 120 ° C and holding time.

Dati tecnici

ModelloDimensioni interneDimensioni ingombroPotenza installataVoltage
700670x360x440H mm935x500x630H mm4,8 kW220/380 V (3) 50/60 Hz
special820x450x900H mm1200x600x1900H mm12 kW (elettrico) 3 kW (vapore)220/380 V (3) 50/60 Hz
350320x360x440H mm590x500x630H mm3,6 kW220/380 V (3) 50/60 Hz