Ugolini Engineering

your needs, our know-how, the all-Italian quality:

Our engineers communicate directly with customers to fully understand their objectives and then translate them into:

  • design, customization and construction of a single machine
  • design, implementation and testing of an entire dyeing plant
  • saving plan: that is our refurbishment service in case the customer already has some machines, Ugolini can restore and update them to make them efficient

Ugolini Spare Parts

Original components mean durability warranty

A complete production line within our premises allows us to quickly produce spare parts and components for all Ugolini machines and also for other brands. To always have a fully functional and long-lasting plant.


Technicians and Customer Service always in contact with the customer

Ugolini customers are never left alone.

Our technical team and customer service work daily for:

  • the installation and start up of the machines;
  • the complete revision of the used machines;
  • technical assistance;
  • telephone and online assistance;
  • the training of the operating staff that uses the machines.

Used machines

Ugolini reconditioned and used machines

Ugolini srl resells and reconditions the best used machinery in the sector. The reconditioned and used machines are of high quality and in excellent condition.

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