Electronic cone-to-cone Winder Mod. SE/8-4”, with 8 heads;
Drive: 1 coaxial AC motor per head;
Power consumption: 100W per motor at max. speed;
Inverter: 1 per each head;
Grooved drum in aluminium covered with ceramic powder;
Traverse: 4″ – 100 mm;
Take-up tubes: tubes as per your samples (length 120 mm);
Radial anti patterning system: electronic with adjustable position in each head;
Package stop: automatic at preset diameter;
Waxing device: one per head, rotating motion for square hole rings and automatic threading;
Self-cleaning yarn tensioner: one per head, rotating motion with adjustable yarn tensioning pin;
Slub catcher: one per head, mechanical with micrometric adjustment;
Single head start / stop: by pushbuttons;
Emergency machine stop: emergency button according to EC regulations;
Yarn feeler: an optical sensor each head;
Counterweight and cone-holder sliding: adjustable;
Winding speed: from 200 to 1200 mt/min, adjustable in each head, with digital readout of the mt/min;
Acceleration ramps and electronic braking: controlled in each head;
Complete with electronic multi function meter counter in each head. It permits to adjust the % of meter correction.
In conformity with the EC standards and complete with instructions and maintenance handbook.