Italian Excellence in Textile Dyeing

The Italian experience in textile production shines through the excellent technologies and machines for the processing of yarns and fabrics. Ugolini is the best expression of this excellence: the company is located in the Veneto region, for centuries the leading area of Italian textile industry; for over 40 years Ugolini has been designing and creating a wide array of dyeing machines for laboratories and industrial production.
Ugolini is structured to provide both the most advanced textile dyeing technologies, and a first-class customer service that strengthen positive relations with the clients. The customer is followed and involved step by step through the entire process: from a precise understanding of his needs to the rapid designing of a solution, up to the complete start-up of the new machine.

The company is committed in providing efficient solutions to the needs of dyeing companies; this goal is achieved with the creation of long-lasting and reliable machines, and thanks to a team of skilled engineers offering accurate advices.
While firmly rooted in the local tradition of textile excellence, Ugolini is constantly aimed to technological innovation and product improvement; this is why Ugolini has created strong ties with the most renowned Universities and research centers.



Ugolini offers a complete range of first-class products to textile companies all over the world, including: dyeing machines, laboratory apparatus, stainless steel accessories for dyeing, machines for drying, for hydro-extraction (centrifugal machines) and for dyeing automation.

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