Lab/sampling dyeing machine to dye yarns on pkgs, hanks, fabric, tops, zippers, ribbons, loose fibers.

High pressure, high temperature (140 °C, 6 bar) dyeing machine working in air-pad mode. Modular construction system from 1 up to 10 individual vessels, with upgrading possibility.

Material carriers to dye bobbins, fabrics and narrow fabrics, loose fibers; each kier can be charged with all different kinds of material and dye all substrates.

SIMPLEX machine has been especially designed to have perfect reproducibility from laboratory to bulk production machines; (maximize lab to bulk).

SIMPLEX follows all international standards for safety and all parts in contact with dye bath are manufactured in stainless steel AISI 316L.

Each kier can be charged from 100 gr to 1.5 kgs of material, accordingly to customer request.

Liquor ratio can be customized from 1:4 to 1:20 and remains constant changing load from minimum to maximum.

Electric and/or steam heating, water cooling.

Overflow rinsing. Normal and hot drain.

Each kier has its own circulation pump and circulation flow is automatically controlled as in big production machines.

Maximum flow rate is 35lts/kg*min at maximum load with standard density.

A product tank (optional) is also available to introduce dyestuff or to dose products/chemicals from tank to kier or to flow back from kier to tank. The tank can be also heated and mixed.

All dosing curves are available.

Machine can be fitted with all kind of controllers or industrial PC.

All dyeing functions are fully automatic.