Small lots dyeing machine to dye yarns, hanks, fabrics, tops, zippers, ribbons, loose fibres.

High pressure, high temperature (140 °C, 6 bar) dyeing machine working in airpad mode, modular construction up to 8 individual vessels, with upgrading possibility.

Machine can work in air pad mode or in fully flooded mode with expansion tank and pressurization (static) pump with cooling back exchanger. All possible coupling connections between the kiers.

Kiers dimensions at customer request to dye from 1 kg to 12 kgs of material with this model. Machine suitable to dye small lots of material with high reproducibility and high Right First Time.

Steam or electric heating on customer request, water cooling.

Material carrier for yarn in pkgs, fabrics, narrow fabrics, zippers, ribbons,loose fibres, stockings. Dye from minimum to maximum load (from first to maximum number of layers) always at constant liquor ratio, (customized from 1:6 to 1:20). Analog control of filling volume, 3% tolerance. Small volume stainless steel pump, equipped with inverter, especially designed to dye soft and hard materials simply changing rpm (pump speed) and maintaining flow constant.

Max flow rate 35 lts/kg*min at maximum load standard density.

Product tank (one or two) with mixer and heating, to inject colour and chemicals with high pressure plunger stainless steel dosing pump to dose under pressure and all dosing curves.

Flow back from kier to product tank and fast injecting from product tank to kier.

Automatic control of air pad. Flow rate automatic control.

DP automatic control.

Fast low temperature drain. High temperature drain.

Overflow rinsing from top of the lid. Air squeeze (optional).

100% stock tank heated and mixed with fast injecting function and automatic rinsing and analog level control to have perfect volume control.

Multiple water inlets.

Automatic open and close lid, (optional). Machine can be fitted with all kind of controllers or industrial PC.

All dyeing functions are fully automatic