Machine for dyeing yarns in hanks/skeins in sticks with reduced bath ratio. Suitable to dye from 10kg up to 200kg

Loading hanks on sticks 860mm length before retraction and from 610 to 740 mm after retraction and 970mm length before retraction and from 660 to 790 after retraction.

Material: wool, wool-acrylic, acrylic, cottonacrilic, viscose, wool-nylon blending yarn.

Main body in AISI 316L:composed of a parallelepiped module with external circulation of the dyeing bath. The module is reinforced with horizontal hollow ribs to obtain a highly reinforced structure capable of transmitting the stresses to the frontal structural members.

Internal grids make the bath dyeing parallel to the yarn to dye delicate material with high quality results.

Bi-directional circulation pump. Parallel up to 4 machines. The pump is dimensioned to give a high prevalence and delivery of liquor. Pump speed regulated by inverter.

Indirect heating and cooling coil placed in the bottom of the machine.

Expansion tank.

100% stock tank heated and mixed. Sampling device.