This machine is suitable to dye synthetic fabric 100% PES and 100% PA, AC/PA, cotton/PES products, warpknits such as cachemire, elastic knits PA/Lycra, lace 100% PA.

It has been designed for operation under pressure, up to a temperature of 140°C, up to 6 bar.

The machine is totally built in AISI 316L stainless steel.

Machine works in fully flooded mode with pressure pump (static) and expansion tank and cooling back exchanger.

Heating: steam or electric or diathermic oil, or overheated water, through an external heat exchanger, water cooled.

Circulation pump especially studied to have perfect dyeing with hard and soft material changing inverter RPM.

Automatic control of pressure pump. Automatic flow control and differential pressure control.

Expansion tank of suitable capacity. 2 beams and trolley.

Beam winder available.

Designed to operate with all kinds of controllers with fully automatic cycle.

Sampling device.

Machine is modular from 1 to 4 kiers with coupling option.

The models have different kier diameter and beam lenght. Kier diameters: 170 / 200 / 250

/ 300 / 400 / 530, beam lengths: 1600 /

1800 / 2000 / 2200 / 3200 / 4200.