To solve the innumerable problems arising from the use of glycol in the heating system, Ugolini srl has introduced a brand new patented bainmarie dyeing apparatus based on hot air heating system and air/water cooling system (model TEXAIR).

Also available in water or ecological glycol heating and air/water cooling system version (model TEXKROME).

Process description: the Texair model allows to observe the dyeing process thanks to a special see-through window in hardened glass located on the front and the use of dyeing containers in Pyrex for dyeing under atmospheric pressure (98° C max.).

Number of dyeing positions: the Texair apparatus has been designed to house 12 dyeing stations: 6+6 beakers at 2 temperatures. To keep the temperature inside the bea- kers constant, the hot air passes through special flow deviators which ensure constant temperature throughout the whole tank and therefore inside the dyeing beakers.

Movement of samples: is obtained by a special agitator with up and down movements. At the same time there is a twisting movement which rotates every sample around its axis.

Beakers: Available in Pyrex or stainless steel 316L. The beakers have a capacity of 200 – 300 – 400 and 500 cc and are 360 mm high, as requested.

Heating systems: with hot air (TEXAIR) by means of heating elements and a fan which sends the air inside the basin or by means of water (TEXKROME) heated up by heating elements.

Bath cooling performed by cold water circulating inside an air/water heat exchanger equipped with a fan which sends cold air into the tank.

Temperature control: the adjustment and control of the temperature is carried out by means of 2 micro processors. Each micro-processor allows to set the heating and cooling temperature, the gradient, holding time, alarms, end of cycle, etc.


Technical data
Temperature range from 20°C to 98°C
Power supply 5 kW 380 / 220V
Heating (TEXAIR) hot air, (TEXKROME) water
Cooling circulation water-air
Gradient from 0,2 to 3°C/min
Speed samples from 30 to 60 RPM