Laboratory dryer machine mod. Small Lots Dryers suitable for samples of yarn, tops, flock, fabric and bobbins.

Technical features

Work chamber and structure is made of stainless steel.

Heating by thermal capacity elements positioned below the chamber floor or max n° 6 columns to dry from 6 to 36 bobbins diam max 230 mm, or dry from 8 to 48 bobbins Ø max 190 mm.

Door in PYREX glasses or STAINLESS steel.

Circulation fan fitted.

Electrical panel with: main switch. Thermostat for temperature from 20 to 120°C. Timer for temperature maintenance and conditioning.

Technical data
Inside dimensions 670x360x440H / 820x450x900H mm
Dimensions machine 590x500x630H / 935x500x630H / 1200x600x1900H mm
Power installed 3,6 kW / 4,8 kW / 12 kW (electric) 3 kW (steam)
Voltage 220/380 V (3) 50/60 Hz