Redkrome is a laboratory dyeing machine suitable to dye every kind of natural or synthetic substrate at atmospheric pressure or under high temperature/pressure conditions.

The main features of this machine are the flexibility and the high reproducibility of samples, which can be yarn in small skeins winded in the suitable stainless steel forks or fabric.

The machine consists of an isolated chamber, painted iron outside and stainless steel inside where a disk which holds the beakers rotates, driven by an high efficiency inverter.

Heating is PID with infrared lamps and cooling is with water/air heat exchanger.

The advantage of modular heating is the very low tollerance of errors on the temperature.

The disk can be charged with 20 beakers 100/150/200cc or with 16 beakers 300cc or with 12 beakers 500cc or with 6 beakers 1000cc or with an 8 liters tank. This one is useful for fabric sample. The machine can be used also for solidity test of the samples.

Chemicals can be introduced inside every beaker during the process also under pressurized conditions with special stainless steel dosing valves and dosing syringe equipped with fast locking device.



TEMPERATURE: from 20 to 135 ° C

HEATING: by 4 infrared lamps

COOLING: circulation water-air

GRADIENT: from 0,2 to 5° C / min max

REVOLUTIONS: from 0 to 50 RPM

SUPPORTING DISK FOR BEAKERS: 6 – 12 – 16 – 20 positions (according to the capacity of the beakers)

DIMENSIONS: 115 depth  x100 diameter cm weight 172 kg