The main feature of this machine is to maximize the reproducibility of samples from the laboratory to the production, with excellent flexibility and perfect colour quality. The machine can be from 1 to 8 kiers and each kier has its own pump and its own temperature probe, so each process is independent from the other.

It is ideal for creating new recipes while saving yarn or fabric and at the same time using the same process as production machines.

Dye any type of natural or synthetic substrate in high density pkg, fabrics, ribbons, fiber. The pkg is wrapped in a perforated stainless steel tube using a special laboratory winder. The machine is made in stainless steel Aisi 316 L and works with air pad system, with automatic regulator. It is equipped with 6 bar mechanical safety valve, pressure switches and safety thermostats, proximity sensor on the lid, pressure gauge and thermometer in front of kier.

Dimensions: internal diameter and working height useful for dyeing from 25 to 120 gr with a liquor ratio from 1:5 to 1:12.

Automatic filling level, normal and high temperature drain, overflow rinsing.

Electric heating with long-life resistors or steam heating, water cooling. Both electric and steam heating in the same machine are available as option.

The product tank, if present, has all the automatic dosing and flow back functions and can be heated and mixed and is automatically rinsed.

Lab Winder

Electronic cone-to-cone Winder Mod. SE/8-4”, with 8 heads;
Drive: 1 coaxial AC motor per head;
Power consumption: 100W per motor at max. speed;
Inverter: 1 per each head;
Grooved drum in aluminium covered with ceramic powder;
Traverse: 4″ – 100 mm;
Take-up tubes: tubes as per your samples (length 120 mm);
Radial anti patterning system: electronic with adjustable position in each head;
Package stop: automatic at preset diameter;
Waxing device: one per head, rotating motion for square hole rings and automatic threading;
Self-cleaning yarn tensioner: one per head, rotating motion with adjustable yarn tensioning pin;
Slub catcher: one per head, mechanical with micrometric adjustment;
Single head start / stop: by pushbuttons;
Emergency machine stop: emergency button according to EC regulations;
Yarn feeler: an optical sensor each head;
Counterweight and cone-holder sliding: adjustable;
Winding speed: from 200 to 1200 mt/min, adjustable in each head, with digital readout of the mt/min;
Acceleration ramps and electronic braking: controlled in each head;
Complete with electronic multi function meter counter in each head. It permits to adjust the % of meter correction.
In conformity with the EC standards and complete with instructions and maintenance handbook.