Laboratory apparatus for dyeing textile samples and foulards.

The fabric is dyed in the bath, wrung by cylinders and rolled up for storage. Available in the following models:

DV250 – DV400 – DV550.

Structure made of stainless steel. Cold bath dyeing system:

  • discontinuous between the cylinders;
  • continuous with appropriate bath below. Pressure between the cylinders generated by pneumatic pistons exercising a linear force. Adjustable cylinder speed through inverter.
Technical data
Lenght cylinders 300 – 450 – 600 mm
Working height 250 – 400 – 550 mm
Pressure cylinders min. 3,9 da N/cm – max 40 da N/cm
Speed cylinders da 2/10 m/min.
Bath volume min. 500 max 1500ml-
Bath volume between cylinders 300/400 ml
Dimensions machine (1360/1660) x 730 x H550 mm
Voltage 400 V three phase / 230 V single phase 50/60Hz