The whole apparatus is made of stainless stell AISI 316 L.

Features Central shaft having 10 glasses. The samples are moved by an agitator which lowes and rises. The bath is heated by stainless steel resistences; bath cooling is obtained by cold water circulation in a coil. Nr. 10 glasses made in stainless steel cap. 200-300-400cc for 98°C. Control panel with electronic microprocessor.

Movement of samples: the movement is caused by a special agitator up and down movements. The agitation movement is accompanied by a twisting movement which rotates every sample around its axis

Technical data
Temperature range from 20°C to 98°C
Power supply 4 kW 400V three phase / 230V single phase
Heating by electric resistences
Cooling circulation water
Gradient from 0,2 to 5°C/min
Revolutions from 0 to 30 RPM