Hot air Drying and Curing oven, with the following features.

1 or 2 drying chambers, depending from the size of the oven.

Nr. 2 trolleys each chamber: 1 trolley inside the chambers and 1 trolley as spare.

Each chamber can also have 2 trolleys, depending from the size.

Trolleys can also load a complete carrier to save loading and unloading time.

Total loading capacity depending from the model from 36 to 1500 kg.

Door with high temperature seal.

N°2 fixed wheels + n°2 swing wheels in each trolley fitted with handle to move the trolleys. Frame with panels (Internal stainless-steel covering, external in painted iron, insulation between internal and external panels); Inverter to reduce air flow linked with temperature and current loop to control the high prevalence centrifugal fan.

Proportional steam valve with IP converter + condensate discharge.

Conditioning time to cool down. Carbon air filter 3 stages.

Output fumes chimney for evacuation fumes with temperature probe (Max temperature 135° C).

Max working temperature is 130°C and temperature variance in the chamber is below 5° C. Humidity sensor (optional) to stop automatically the cycle.

Hot air recirculation if humidity is less than set point adjustable in % to save steam and power, useful for curing process.

Exhaustion fan.

Electrical panel with all safety elements with Ugolini software

Moisture control to save cycle time

Electrical panel with all safety elements with Ugolini software