More than 40 years of experience...

The history of Ugolini began in 1974, a stormy period for our country, where the ferment of economic growth was associated with an equally active social fervor made up of ideals, struggles, strikes. And it is precisely during one of these strikes that the engineer Umberto Ugolini, employed at ILMA, received a proposal from his employer, in crisis due to the absence of the workforce: if he agreed to produce some pieces for ILMA by himself, he would receive a support for starting up the business. This is the history of Ugolini’s foundation that initially used the spaces of a farm, then the disused warehouse of a gas station, and that, with commitment and foresight, has become today an international company present throughout the world known for the quality and reliability of its dyeing machines guaranteed by the certifications and approvals obtained: PED, ASME for the United States, TUV for Germany, ANFOR for France and SELO for China.

... on which to build a cutting-edge future

For many years, Ugolini has been actively collaborating with prestigious Research Centers and University Faculties with whom he takes part in national and international projects aimed at promoting research and innovation in companies. The goal is to design and implement a technologically more advanced future but above all more sustainable progress.