Innovation and Research towards sustainable growth

To improve the productivity and to assert our brand in the world we implemented a program for the Innovation and the Competitiveness that is rooted in a series of collaborations activated with the most renown Research Centers and University Faculties.

Us from UGOLINI are aware that Research and Innovation are decisive to the welfare, are the basis of social and economic progress and offer a fundamental base to sustainable and lasting development.

A recent report from the European Commission, “The Impact of RTD on Competitiveness and Employment”, quantifies the contribution of the scientific and technologic progress to the economic growth around 50%.

At Ugolini we are riding this wave and we firmly believe that the product innovation is the effect from a study and research study process that requiries high level professional capabilities: for this reason we create new relations and strenghtening the existent ones, we take part in national and international projects inclined to promote Research and Innovation activities in the companies.



For us from Ugolini innovation means:

  • to introduce on the market novelties about products and technologies tied to them
  • to innovate our organizational and productive internal process
  • to offer to the client new services inclined to simplify every aspect and phase of the commercial relationship
  • to improve technologies and already existing and functional systems.


Everyday we work for this.


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