Inventing, designing, building, maintaining and

improving our machines and our processing:

this is the core of Ugolini Engineering.


The performances of the machines for textile dyeing Ugolini improve thanks to Ugolini Engineering: technicians and engineers are always ready to provide technical informations and advices, also through telephone and online service (immediate assistance).

Our internal staff of highly qualified engineers and technicians works daily on the phases of:

  • pre-selling, engaging on the study of the solutions that better accomodates the needs of every client;
  • post-selling, helping the client (directly or through an agent) in the operations of mechanical, electric/electronic and pneumatic maintenance and programming (offering the best advice on the settings and the management of the dyeing programs).


Particularly, the post selling service Ugolini is articulated in:

  • Installation and start up of the machines;
  • Complete revision of used machines;
  • Complete technical assistance on post selling contracts;
  • Telephone and on-line assistance;
  • Training of the operating staff using the machines.


Ugolini Replacements

Choosing original machine parts to have guaranteed durability

The Ugolini Assistance and Replacements service, thanks to the computerized management of replacements parts, assures, everywhere in the world, fast delivery avoiding unpleasant and harmful productions stops for the client.

Every single part of the Ugolini textile dyeing machines are designed to have performances at the highest levels, long lasting savings, using original replacements parts, our clients can obtain the highest reliability and optimal results.